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Custom Metal Signs – The Different Styles Available

Custom Metal Signs – The Different Styles Available

Custom metal signs and art, whatever their make and whatever metal they’re made of, allow you to exceed in the standard to personalized luxury arts. A customized metal sign is an expression of your unique personality and individuality. One which is not only highly professional-looking but also speaks volumes of your taste and affection for the place or event you’re designing.

Using different kinds of materials for custom metal signs and other art materials like wood, acrylics, aluminum and acrylics, you can have as many as your imagination lets you have. You can choose the thickness, the texture and the type of finish that you want. You may opt to use a high-gloss UV protected coating so that your sign will be scratch resistant and fade resistant. You may also want to use anodized aluminum or polycarbonate for your custom metal signs and artwork because these materials are more resistant to abrasion and corrosion.

The thickness of a custom metal sign material thickness is determined by a number of factors. One of them is the thickness of the lettering or design and the other factors include the mounting position, the adhesion of the material to the mounting surface, and the size and height of the sign. In measuring the thickness of a custom metal signs or other signage, there are several things to consider like the font size and the spacing between words. These factors should be considered so that your signage will have a consistent, smooth look. The dimension in inches for the thickness of a custom metal sign material thicknesses is in fact much different than the measurement in feet.

If you are considering outdoor signs, then you should use a flexible weatherproof metal sign material such as aluminum, copper, brass or zinc. Copper custom metal signs can be either raised or lowered. Aluminum signs are lightweight outdoor signs. Brass signs are easy to clean and maintain. And, zinc offers a rich, rustic appearance that will match virtually any type of architecture. Outdoor signs made from aluminum or brass will blend nicely with wooded backgrounds and brick patios.

There are several different types of custom metal signs that you can use including text, graphics, and images. For text, you can choose from both standard and custom mono-space font styles. If you prefer a lighter, hand-painted look, you can choose a textured wood sign panel that includes raised panel text. Some of these panels include natural wood color with decorative touches such as knots or floral designs. Other textured panel styles may use acrylics or graphite resins to create the image or graphic.

Other common uses for custom metal signs are for graphics and images. Common uses for images are letter heads, which are also known as postcards, and sandwich-style signs. All of these sign panels are fabricated from standard steel or aluminum to give them the durability you need. Finally, zinc coated signs are used as an adhesive for banners and wrapping. With so many different styles, colors, and forms to choose from, there is certainly a style of custom metal signs that will meet your needs.